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It's as easy as can be!
Use this handy Upload Form so we can see your awesome creation.
Approved images or video will be shared in our Inspiration Galleries, and with the broader Makedo community.

To upload, you must agree to the Makedo Conditions of Upload.

Educators: Please use the Makedo in the Classroom form for a more detailed submission.

Ready to Upload?


It's as easy as can be!
Use this handy Upload Form so we can see your awesome creation.
Approved images or video will be shared in our Inspiration Galleries, and with the broader Makedo community.

To upload, you must agree to the Makedo Conditions of Upload.

Upload FAQ

Why do you need my personal details?

We request that you introduce yourself so that we are able to start up a conversation about your Makedo creations.

It may be that we are particularly excited by what you have sent through, and we are interested in learning more about your Makedo experience.

Perhaps we're just keen to send you a message to say 'Thanks' for sharing and being an inspiration to the Makedo community.

What details do you collect?

In order to upload, we require that you submit a name and email address.

The name you choose to give us is entirely up to you. It could be your first name, your last name... or something completely made up. Some parents like to include their own name, while others prefer just the first name of their child depending on who made the creation (or perhaps who is starring in the submitted image/video).
If the creation is from a school or community group, then you could submit under the name of the organisation and/or the class details, or the title of the project/workshop that generated the creations.

We will use this name for attribution purposes.

The Upload Form also has an open text field where you can enter additional information about your creation. You can use this section to tell us a bit more about your creation itself or about your broader experience with Makedo.

If you have a fun story to share that goes along with your creation, we would love to hear it!

How will my uploaded content be used?

The principle reason for us to request uploads is so that your creation can inspire other Makedo makers.

Uploaded images and videos are eligible to be included in the Makedo Hub and Inspiration Galleries on the Makedo website.

Additionally, they may appear in the Makedo streams on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instructables, Thingiverse and Pinterest.

I've uploaded something. What happens next?

Thank you for sharing your Makedo experience! The Makedo team will review your uploaded content.

If the image or video is suitable for inclusion in the Makedo Hub or on Makedo Social Media, it will be scheduled for publication.

For Makedo creations that we find particularly interesting, we may contact you requesting further information or additional content.

All reposted uploads will be appropriately credited using CC BY 4.0 Attribution.

For credits for the creation images on this page head to: @makedo

Why can't I find my creation here?

There may be a few reasons for this.

Content uploaded by the Makedo community may be shared in a number of places. These include but are not limited to the Makedo Community Hub, the Makedo Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instructables. Have you checked all of these?

Your creation may have been scheduled for publication in Makedo Social Media or Instructables. Stay tuned, it could appear any day now!

Although we welcome creations of all skill levels, standards and technical proficiency; if the uploaded content does not meet internal standards for appearance and visual style then it may not be deemed suitable for publication.

Upload tips to make your creation stand out

The best advice we have is to use the existing Makedo Community Hub collection as a style guide.

Here are a few further tips:

Try to make the image content look clean and neat, so that the Makedo creation is clearly visible.

Take pictures or video in strong lighting.

Landscape orientation is preferred.

Upload at a reasonable resolution - minimum Full HD for images (1920x1080 pixels) and HD for video (1280 x 720 pixels). If an image or video shows promise but the file is too small, we may contact you to request a higher resolution version.

Dim, blurry, shaky, pixellated content will be automatically rejected.

Maximum file size: 100mb

Slideshow image credits: @makedo

Conditions of Upload

In order to upload images/video to Makedo you are required to agree to the following Conditions.

Makedo Conditions of Upload (click to open)

Only the owner or persons representing the original source of the image/video are permitted to upload content to Makedo. By uploading you are declaring that you are responsible and have full permission to upload the image/video, and have not appropriated the content from another source.

Makedo is granted full rights to use the images/video and any adaptations or reproductions of the uploaded content for the purpose of providing inspiration to the creative community of global Makedo makers.

This expressed permission might include (but is not limited to) the right to use the images/video in social media, Makedo subscriber newsletters, online publicity and printed material.

Uploading images/video of children or minors:

By selecting to agree to these terms, you are granting consent on behalf of any children appearing in images/video to be published in the public domain. It is recommended that permission is sought and there is an informed consent from the child prior to the recording of images/video.

Content uploaded to Makedo is required to be respectful and suitably themed for viewing by both children and adults in the broader Makedo community. Any images/video that Makedo considers to be indecent, harmful, offensive or demeaning to any person will be rejected.

In order to further protect the privacy and safety of children and young people online, Makedo may reject images/video containing names or other personal details, and personal contact information or items that identify a specific location.

Further information and advice can be obtained from the Australian Government Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.